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We are a small wellness spa just outside Chester on the North Wales border, Sakura is Japanese for Cherry Blossom, in Japan they are a metaphor for life encompassed by ying and yang - symbols that indicate balance and harmony.  Our aim is to bring you that with our professional health treatments  to help calm the mind, heal the body and amplify the spirit.

To compliment our bespoke Floatation tank and Far Infrared Sauna we offer professional Holistic and Complimentary therapies with independent health Practitioners who are all fully qualified, insured and registered with their appropriate bodies/associations for your complete well-being.

Our Sakura Wellness shop sells a range of products and gifts, many of which are organic, vegan and fairtrade

Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping)
Emotional Freedom Technique also known as 'tapping' is a simple easy to learn yet decepively effective tool, it can help with stress, anxiety, depression,distressing thoughts and memories, doubts, fears... almost anything that gets in the way of you being happy and feeling fulfilled.  The underlying principle of EFT is that all emotions and thoughts are forms of energy, this energy whether positive or negative has very real physical manifestations that affect all functions of the body.

While the human body possesses a natural healing potential, stress and emotional problems can stand in the way which is where EFT comes in.  People who experience benefits from practicing tapping techniques find that it helps clear their mind, focus their attention on the present moment (much like meditation does) and improve their attitude so they have a better chance of overcoming challenges they may face.

EFT releases blockages in your energy body as you gently tap or massage particular points or meridians while you think about the things that's bothering you.  Not everything that affects us has an energetic  component but most things do to some extent.

Releasing a block can be transformational in terms of how we think and feel it is an effective tool to manage tension in the body and worry in the mind.  


This treatment is available at Sakura on a Tuesday 9.30am - 7.30pm

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