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We are a small wellness spa just outside Chester on the North Wales border, Sakura is Japanese for Cherry Blossom, in Japan they are a metaphor for life encompassed by ying and yang - symbols that indicate balance and harmony.  Our aim is to bring you that with our professional health treatments  to help calm the mind, heal the body and amplify the spirit.

To compliment our bespoke Floatation tank and Far Infrared Sauna we offer professional Holistic and Complimentary therapies with independent health Practitioners who are all fully qualified, insured and registered with their appropriate bodies/associations for your complete well-being.

Our Sakura Wellness shop sells a range of products and gifts, many of which are organic, vegan and fairtrade

Do I need to prepare?
In much the same way as any treatment, we would not recommend floating on a full stomach or drinking too much fluid.
If you can avoid excessive shaving prior to your float session this would be preferable, however remember this is why the Vaseline is provided for your protection.

You need to take off your jewellery and contact lenses prior to your session, even if you have already showered prior to your arrival you will still have to take a shower prior to your float and again after your session to wash off the salts.

What do I bring?
You have the choice of using one of our freshly laundered towels or you can bring your own. Each floatation room is equipped with ear plugs, organic shower wash, shampoo, vaseline (to cover cuts or shaven skin) and cleanser wipes.

What do I wear?
At Sakura we do ask that you bring swimwear to wear in the tank.

Do I need to be able to swim?
Not at all, the water is so densely saturated with the Epsom Salt that you are automatically suspended safely, bobbing on the top as if you are a cork! Your face is out of the water, though your ears are in the water. We recommend you use ear plugs to make your experience more comfortable.

What happens if I fall asleep?
Some floaters actually use the regenerative effects of floating as a potent recovery from jet lag. Some people do fall asleep and some experience a more dreamlike condition. Experienced floaters often request a longer session 2 – 3 hours, which can heighten the intensity.

The majority of people really enjoy the experience. However we would not recommend the tanks are used by epileptics, unless the condition is under medical control, ear, nose, throat, upset stomach conditions, skin conditions including veruccasa and schizophrenia. We would also not recommend floating if you have a cold or recovering from flu. You are not allowed to float under any circumsances if you are under the influence of alchohol or drugs.

Is it hygienic?
A very high powered magnetic drive filtration pump filters the entire float solution 4 times with bromine in between session. Every customer can step into an Ocean Float room safe in the knowledge that the water is clean and completely sterile. There is 2.2lbs of Epsom Salts per 1/3rd of a gallon of water; this provides a hugh inhibitory factor for bacterial survival and growth: it is similar to the Dead Sea. Unlike spas the solution is skin temperature to reduce sensory stimulation which minimises fluid loss (sweating) through the skin.  The face and 50% of the body is above the water line.  The float tank's water ph and Bromine levels are checked every day and the filter changed once a week, the water is also treated at the start and end of each day with a non-chlorine shock treatment.  We only use the highest grade of organic pharmaceutical Epsom Salts, we also ask clients to shower before and after.

Our bespoke Ocean Floatroom is a spacious cabin with full standing room, a large, side opening door offers a far more inviting entrance & ease of use compared to the top hatch type lid common to float tanks. It also gives easier access for the able, conveniently positioned internal grab handles offer greater safety, comfort and sense of security. You can open and close the door anytime, there is a inside panic button and underwater lights.

Can I float if I am pregnant?
Floatation is a wonderful support for pregnant women since it alleviates so much pressure from the back and legs, many feel almost womb like, floatation has been recommended in pregnancy and birth magazine.