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Providing Floatation, Far-Infrared sauna therapy, organic wellness and beauty therapies
  Sakura is Japanese for Cherry Blossom, in Japan they are a metaphor for life encompassed by ying and yang - symbols that indicate balance and harmony.  Our philosophy is to bring you that through professional health treatments that help to calm the mind, heal the body and amplify the spirit.

Neal's Yards Remedies Organic
​Neals Yard Remedies (NYR) is the worlds first health & Beauty company to get 100% for its ethics and has the world's largest collection of Soil Association-certified organic health and beauty products.  All NYR products are organically produced using only 100% organic ingredients, In addition to this they also follow the “Precautionary Principle” when formulating their products, put simply this means if the ingredient is not safe for your skin or the environment, they don’t use it. 

Here are a few things you won't find in thier products:
No synthetic fragrances
No parabens
No GM ingredients
No phthalates
No silicones

Neal's Yards Remedies are not tested on animals

They have very strong ethics - understanding where their ingredients are from, how they are made, and meeting their growers for an insight into the roots of every product they make, and to how they can make a difference to both people and the planet. They believe that their mission to enhance and protect people's health and wellbeing starts at the planting of the very first seed, long before their ingredients even arrive at their eco-factory.

Improving people’s lives is really what NYR is really about. The lives of their customers, the people they work with, their suppliers and their families and communities. They do this through supporting organic farming, sustainable wild-harvesting and fair trade programs. They believe that building strong, lasting relationships is better for everyone and are passionate about understanding exactly where their ingredients come from, how they are produced and meeting their suppliers. 

The heart of Neal’s Yard Remedies is their eco factory in Dorset where their natural and organic products are handcrafted with love. Set within acres of beautiful natural surroundings the grounds they are able to grow the organic calendula, St. John’s wort, verbena and lemon balm used in many of the favourite products

Products are made in small batches, using high quality natural and certified organic herbs, botanicals and essential oils, to ensure they are as fresh and effective as possible.

When it comes to the ingredients in their products, at Neal’s Yard Remedies they pride themsleves on their  honesty, integrity and transparency and proud to have been awarded  'Champion Status' by The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics for their long commitment to organics, and for helping to show that making safer products and fully disclosing ingredients can be good for all.

NYR campaign for great causes to protect our beautiful planet and all its inhabitants here are the ones closest to their heart.

Breast Cancer Haven - inspirational charity offering emotional, physical and practical support to anyone affected by breast cancer. Since 2013 we’ve supported them during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to date have raised over £10k. This October we donated £1 every time we sold one of our new aluminium free, roll on deodorants

World Land Trust - works to save threatened habitats acre by acre, creating protected nature reserves around the world safeguarding some of the Earth’s most vulnerable habitats and wildlife. Since 2012 we’ve helped this international conservation charity protect an impressive 400,000m² of endangered tropical forests, which absorbs and stores carbon in the process.

Bee Lovely - NYR has raised over £80k for bee-friendly causes since its launch in 2011. With over 40% of invertebrate pollinator species, in particular bees and butterflies, facing extinction in many countries, they are proud to support some fantastic organisations. This year they have supported the London Beekeeper’s Association, PlantLife, Bees for Development and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

DEC East Africa Crisis Appeal - 16 million people in East Africa are on the brink of starvation and urgently need food, water and medical treatment. The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) brings together leading UK aid charities in times of crisis such as this. You can help by donating to the DEC East Africa appeal.

Microbeads - We’ve never used plastic microbeads in any of our scrubs and polishes and are proud to have led the way, campaigning alongside Greenpeace and Fauna & Flora International to lobby the UK government to BanTheBead.

Women for Women International - (WfWI) is a humanitarian organisation that supports women of countries affected by war and conflict by offering them support, tools and access to life-changing skills. Since 2012 we’ve raised over £32k and to date have sponsored 31 women though the year-long Women for Women International programme.

Over the past 30 years NYR have won some fantastic awards for their ethical organic health & beauty from beauty editors and industry experts, here are just a few from the past couple of years. 

Click to see NYR recognised for it's Organic Beauty Certification