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  Sakura is Japanese for Cherry Blossom, in Japan they are a metaphor for life encompassed by ying and yang - symbols that indicate balance and harmony.  Our philosophy is to bring you that through professional health treatments that help to calm the mind, heal the body and amplify the spirit.

Infrared Sauna and Nerve Pain
Another great reason to implement the use of an infrared sauna is directly due to how it provides effective and thorough nerve pain relief. Infrared heat is not complicated, It works by simply penetrating into your millions of nerve endings. Infrared therapy aids blood circulation by increasing the oxygen in the blood along with improving the blood’s flow. Infrared is invisible to the human eye, penetrating deep into the body and it’s nerves, producing a productive and effective sweat. It is the safest form of heat which also naturally occurs in sunlight. This heat is so safe it is even used in hospital incubators to warm newborns. Far infrared sauna therapy has been around for decades and infrared is still highly recommended due to it’s proven relief for a myriad of ailments, in particular, nerve pain.

Many happy infrared users over the years agree – consistent use of an infrared sauna greatly reduces a full range of nerve pain resulting in needed relief. As the infrared heat completely warms you this healing warmth suffuses all the nerve endings in your body. Some research on this subject has been done demonstrating positive results.

In a 2006 double-blind investigation, done by the Journal of Pain Research and Management, in a placebo controlled study, it was determined that infrared therapy reduced chronic nerve pain, particularly back pain, by 50% over a period of seven weeks. Side effects were zero and then the patients were asked to rate their pain prior to and after the infrared. Generally everyone’s pain had decreased by an amazing amount of half. As the infrared therapy progressed the pain relief was even greater indicating continuing infrared therapy would continue to reduce levels of nerve pain.
One of the mechanisms found most effective, when utilizing infrared sauna heat, is the distinct pain reduction on many levels. When nerve pain diminishes there is an increase in the body’s endorphin release. B-endorphin levels are raised and plasma ACTH levels are reduced. The dividend is these endorphins also promote positive feelings thereby increasing pain reduction. By reducing pain on the nerve endings the far infrared heat from a sauna will diminish nerve pain even as it decreases the common muscle spasms found when nerve pain is present. This then allows your body to relax, repair and heal itself naturally.

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