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Providing Floatation, Far-Infrared sauna therapy, organic wellness and beauty therapies
  Sakura is Japanese for Cherry Blossom, in Japan they are a metaphor for life encompassed by ying and yang - symbols that indicate balance and harmony.  Our philosophy is to bring you that through professional health treatments that help to calm the mind, heal the body and amplify the spirit.

During her pregnancy a pregnant woman can take advantage of the many benefits  floatation provides, floating freely with no gravity in a solution saturated with Epsom salts known for its relaxing and therapeutic effects to allow every muscle to completly relax “Epsom salts” is hypoallergenic salt, very mild on the skin and hair which contains a considerable amount of magnesium. This saline solution is kept at a tightly controlled temperature of 35 degrees celsius, the temperature of our skin unlike Thermal Spas which are not recommended during pregnancy due to their highly variable temperature.

During regnancy floatation provides many benefits, it is an ideal access to the benefits of magnesium through skin absorption.  Weightlessness allowing one to feel free of their body’s weight, relief of tensions and muscular pains. Epsom salt helps to reduce inflammation in the body so good for swollen legs and ankles, It also helps strengthen the immune system and reduce stress.  A useful preparation to childbirth through visualization and autohypnosis,  some women will adopt this tool to prepare their body and spirit for this great step in their lives thanks to the ideal and appropriate environment that is Floatation. Also termed a sensory isolation tank it allows a woman to be alone with herself and prepare herself for this new upcoming role. This unique experience also allows the future mother to experience for an hour what her baby is experiencing inside of her. It’s an opportunity for a head to head with this little being growing within her. Some will say that Floatation is like a homecoming: as if they find themselves again in their own mother’s womb. Floatation thus opens a door to the sensation that meditation offers and brings one towards a real loss of all notions of space and time.

It helps cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation to prevent oedemas, improvement of sleep quality and brings about a state of wellness and calm.  After Pregnancy it can help aid recovery, floating for 1 hour is equal to 3 hours of sleep! it can help reduce 
the effects of the “Baby-blues” (anxiety, light sleep, fatigue, stress), floatation helps to release lots of endorphins, it can also bring relief of muscular tension and stiffness caused by childbirth and breastfeeding.

For the unborn magnesium is essential to the formation of the skeleton and certain organs amongst which is the respiratory system. It has beneficial effects on weight, size and cranial circumference. A reduction in restlessness and excitability (the newborn is calmer and sleeps longer periods at night.)

Here at Sakura we also offer maternity floatation which includes listening to a self hypnosis pregnancy relaxation during the float where you will learn safe and effective skills to help you:-

Be calmer and more relaxed
Sleep better
Increase bonding with your baby
Be attached to the right type of food and drink
Begin preparing for the birth

Part of the award winning Natal Hypnotherapy

Discounted maternity packages are available

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