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We are a small wellness spa just outside Chester on the North Wales border, Sakura is Japanese for Cherry Blossom, in Japan they are a metaphor for life encompassed by ying and yang - symbols that indicate balance and harmony.  Our aim is to bring you that with our professional health treatments  to help calm the mind, heal the body and amplify the spirit.

To compliment our bespoke Floatation tank and Far Infrared Sauna we offer professional Holistic and Complimentary therapies with independent health Practitioners who are all fully qualified, insured and registered with their appropriate bodies/associations for your complete well-being.

Our Sakura Wellness shop sells a range of products and gifts, many of which are organic, vegan and fairtrade

  • ​Helps eliminate stress
  • Counteracts problems caused by poor posture
  • Promotes creavtive whole brain thinking
  • Increases concentration
  • Improves sleep patterns

Academics and Students
  • Improves Concentration
  • Stimulates clarity of thought process
  • Aids accelerated learning
  • Reduces cortisol levels relieving stress

  • Deep muscular relaxation
  • Accelerates healing of injuries
  • Enhances visualisation
  • Eliminates fatigue
  • Improves oxygen circulation

Managing Pain
  • Helps relieve pain
  • Increases production of endorphins, speeds the healing process
  • Boosts immune function
  • Helps arthritis, fibromyalgia. migraine

Those with poor sleep patterns
  • One hour in the tank is the equivalent of 4 hours sleep
  • Regulates sleep patterns by resetting your body clock
  • Eliminates impact of jet lag
  • Helps shift workers

Wayne Rooney – England and Manchester United Footballer
Richard Feynman – Nobel Prize Winning Physicist
Jade Johnson - Champion Athlete
Alex Reid - Kick Boxer
Robert Downey Jr. – Iron Man
Michael Flatley - Lord of the Dance
Daniel Craig – Actor
Joe Rogan – Stand-Up Comedian a
Michael Crichton - Author
Stuart Broad – England Cricketer
Olympic Teams
Peter Gabriel - Singer
Elle Macpherson - Model
Susan Sarandon - Actress
Jeff Bridges - Actor
Seattle Seahawks
England Patriots Team
Michael Phelps - Swimming Champion
Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles
Phillies Baseball Team
Australian Institute of Sport

Legends John Lennon and Michael Jackson  were both devotees of floating

plus many more...

Pregnant Women
  • Alleviates stresses that gravity places on the body
  • Enables relaxation
  • Regulates sleep patterns
  • Reduces swollen legs
  • Allows unborn child to share a unigue experience with the mother

Feeling Stressed
  • Reduces the level of the stress inducing hormone cortisol
  • Increases levels of feel good endorphins
  • Changes how you react to stress

Those who meditate
  • ​Quicker deeper mediation
  • ​Induces theta brainwave states
  • ​Expands awareness
  • Intensifies acuteness of all the senses
  • Provides opportunity for new perspectives

Creative People
  • Heightens creativity
  • Encourages creative thought processes
  • Enhances concentration
  • Synchronises left and right brain
  • Heightens visualisation